Autumn 2015 Mike Art

Well, summer is finally over. The Pluto fly-by was a stellar success, and as the new data and pix come back to Earth, I am making new art with them, slowly, but surely. "Pluto XXX" is an animated gif composed of 11 frames, using a false color high resolution photo of Pluto from the day of closest approach. Bastille Day. What an amazing spacecraft New Horizons is and what a great group of people composes Team New Horizons! I hope they and everyone who views "Pluto XXX" enjoys my homage to the wonderful planet I fell in love with way back in 1966!

Raw False Color Image Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University -- Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

Pluto XXX

Summer 2015 Mike Art

Nail'Bama vs. McNuke--You Decide!!!!

War Art from Operation Iraqi Freedom

President George D.P.W. Bush

Summer 2008 Mike Art

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