Summer 2012 Mike Art

"Martian Cat" has for its eyes a region on a volcano of Mars. The left eye is the true image. The right was flipped so that the cat would look right at the viewer, sort of, anyway. LOL!

It should be an interesting summer as I have a lot on my plate, running for Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney and all; but I will keep adding works of art to this subpage all summer as I refuse to let anything cut off my creative flow as long as I am able. I am like the Energizer Bunny.

And if you want to donate to my campaign or help send me to Cairns, Australia so I can see the total eclipse in November, just email me!

And, as always, high quality prints are always available of my digital works, and my works on paper are available at a price. Just ask. We can work it out. Please spread the word about me to your art-loving friends, too! Thanks!

Oh, one more thing: "Plutonian Rock Star" is my first Plutonian portrait featuring all five known moons of Pluto. P5 is below the rock star's right ear. It is irregular in shape, since it is so small, to be true to the planetary scientists' guesses about it. We should learn much more about P5 in 2015!

Lastly, I inadvertently seem to have drawn a profile of Mr. Magoo in Charon in that same digital drawing! Can you see him?

"Particle Bear" came to me in words in a dream. So I had to draw him. If you look closely, you can see he is made of particles. Most purple bears are. LOL!

"Makemakean Candidate" was drawn after my 2012 public access teevy debate with Eric Smith for the office of Macomb County Prosectuting Attorney. So you could say it has elements of a self portrait. The debate went well, I think, too. Hope you can see it sometime! I am trying to get a copy of it!

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