Fall 2007 Mike Art

Fall is upon us, or Autumn, which is cool to say, sometimes, too. I hope you like "Cicero." I know it might be thought pretentious of me, but I know my own mind--at least enough to know that it is not. I drew him first, and he looked so serious, and then it just came to me that he looked like I would think Cicero would look, who was a serious guy. I will add more Fall Art as I create it. Ciao!

I am not sure if you can say that my Ben Jonson looks like Ben Jonson, or that I even feel his spirit in the drawing, as I do with Cicero, but nonetheless, I like the title, and, the more I think about it, it might just mean it does capture something of the spirit of Ben Jonson, but I like it being Surreal and Dadaesque, and so let it be an open question for the ages.

"Surface of Pluto, Wrathellified" uses a 1996 photo of Pluto from the Hubble Space Telescope and processed by some reallly cool Earthlings! Enjoy, and pray that in 2015, when the New Horizons probes scampers past Pluto that we get some very clear and clean photos of the surface! But for now, this one is pretty cool! Can you see the face?