Summer 2013 Mike Art

"Plutonian Abstract 2" is my first artwork of the summer. It was started in the spring, but just finished today. July 3rd, 2013. Hope you enjoy it in your own way.

I also have drawn one Plutonian and one Styxian, a fellow from one of the smallest moons of Pluto. Don't trust this guy. He is shady as Hell.

"Moraine Honeylocust" is a semi-abstraction of the tree in my front yard that my dad planted long ago. He died in 2004. RIP, Dad!

"We See You Always" is inspried by the relevations of Edward Snowden that the NSA and other federal agencies are overreaching extraordinarily in their attempt to keep the nation safe from the bad guys. Heavens to Betsy! Stop the Big Brother trip, man! Let's elect some people who respect the privacy of the American people. The current lot of elected officials are horrid!

"Radar, My Kitty Kat" is a recent pic of my cat. He turned five on Flag Day. That is June 14th, for those of you not born in the USA and those of you born in the USA who can't find the USA on a globe. BOL!

"Bombs Away! (We're Syriaus!)" was finished on August 31st, 2013 and is about the prewar rhetoric coming from the White House. It looks like we might soon be shaking a hornet's nest in Syria. Not sure that is a good idea! When the good guys are just as bad or worse than the bad guy, seems like getting in the middle of it (not to mention the whole WW3 potential thing) might not be such a good idea.

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