Fall 2011 Mike Art

"Killer Asteroid" is a five-frame animated gif made with five images taken by Rik Hill of the Catalina Sky Survey at The University of Arizona. Mr. Hill is part of a great team that received some of their equipment from a generous donation by NASA, hence the honorable mention to one of the best governmental agenices on Earth, if not the best! Thank you Catalina Sky Survey for your permission to use the images! Thanks also to the invaluable technical skills of T'Mar & Roy Zornow on my end! If I ever make any money from "Killer Asteroid," I will donate half of the proceeds to a worthy cause. "Killer Asteroid" is really 2005 YU55, the asteriod that passed between the Moon and Earth on November 8th, 2001. It will pass even closer to Earth in 2028, and no one knows its path 100 years out, so pass your old football and hockey helmets on to your progeny, folks!

Be sure to check out my band page. Blue-Green Audumbla is now on You Tube! The video is also embedded on the band page! Scroll down a Tad for the Link!

Hope you like Sir Francis Drake. He was a great explorer. Google him!

The title of "Autumn Light" is lifted from a line in "Alphaville," one of the greatest movies of all time. See it before you die, trust me. The sooner the better!

Triton is an odd moon. It is in a retrograde orbit, compared with all the other moons of Neptune. Some planetary scientists think it is very similar to Pluto. We shall see in less than four years. It does look pretty cool!

"Message From Scotty" is what my late, beloved cat, Scotty wrote when he walked across my computer keyboard once, and I saved it. I just found it and decided to share his message with you in art form.

"Bjork" was inspired by Bjork, whose contributions to art and music are Bjorkolicious.

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