Plutonians & Map of Lake Pluto

This page has the first drawing I've done since actually seeing Pluto through a "22 inch telescope in Cadillac, Michigan in early June of 2005.

This page also includes a fictitious detail map of Pluto with some suggested names for natural landmarks. I know it might sound a bit arrogant that I think it would be appropriate to have a mountain on Pluto named after me, but I think I earned it when I asked President George W. "43" Bush to support NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto in 2006; who else has ever confronted an American President about the need to explore Pluto. However, on second thought, since I'm not dead yet, what about a Mt. Poe? Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" mentions "the Night’s Plutonian shore!" twice! Cool! Cool!

Having just read The Bible and The Koran, I thought I would draw a religious master from Pluto, so I hope you will enjoy grooving with Bopopu. He loves you.

Lastly, I include a picture of me by Ernest Stewart on the set of a new alternative movie shot in Indiana in which I play the exiled King of Pluto. ©2005 Ernest Stewart.

I'll add a link to the "W" the Movie page at the bottom of this page.....