Spring 2010 Mike Art

"Cerean Prosecutor" is a drawing of an assistant prosecutor on Ceres. His specialty is crackheads. Crack kills.

"Somewhat Peeved Plutonian" is a drawing of a Plutonian who is experiencing righteous indignation. Someone yanked his chain.

"Plutonian Father" sort of reminds me of my dad. I did some watercolors of my late father when I first became an artist in L. A, too, back in 1980. He was a tough Detroit police sergeant whose nickname was "Ratman." He worked during the 1967 riots. The last riot on Pluto was in 1981.

"Jet Li" is a drawing of a guy named Jet Li. Perhaps you have heard of him. If not, order "Kiss of the Dragon" from Netflix now. Yes, now! *LOL*

"SEB Man" lives on the Southern Equatorial Band of Jupiter that just disappeared, reported by CNN on May 20th, 2010.

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