Winter 2008-9 Mike Art

Hope you enjoy "Sundorian Smurfs: Tycho & Doreen;" Tycho's head and the sun behind them are supernovas.

The sun is Tycho's Supernova. I did not tweak his supernova at all. The image credit is NASA/MPIA/Calar Alto Observatory.

Tycho's head is Kepler's Supernova. I did not tweak it, either. The image credit is R. Sankrit and W. Blair/JHU/NASA/ESA.

I hope they enjoy my artistic incorporation of their supernova shots as much we universal layfolk!

Winter sure has started with a fury here in North America! Sheesh!

Looks like I will have to replace this gif with a jpeg. jpegs are better for photos, such as Tycho's head......*s* and will clean up by his head, check back, and will be adding more images all winter, bookmark this page, now before you forget!

"Turquoise Boy" was inspired by a song of that name on Sonic Youth's 2006 album "Rather Ripped." Great song, you guys, and Kim!

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