New Horizons Art

This page features art from digital photographs taking from cameras onboard the New Horizons probe on its way to a Bastille Day 2015 encounter with the ninth planet: Pluto.

"Io Pluto" show Jupiter's moon, Io. The Little Red Spot of Jupiter is artified, too. Enjoy! I will add more artified images as the Muses strike me.

Tom M. shanged on Little Red to make Little Red 2, Little Red 3 and Little Red 5. I shanged on Tom's Little Red 2 to make Little Red 4. A shang is a sort of collarboration ala Dada.

Original b + w image credits for Io & "The Little Red Spot" of Jupiter: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute. Artistic tweaking credits: Mike Wrathell & Tom M.

"Eurset" has Europa setting or rising over the horizon of Jupiter. Nice idea, Mr. Hendricks of Austin, Texas! Do they still have albino squirrels down there? I saw one on the state capitol grounds back in 1981....

Image/Idea/Colorized art credit for "Eurset": NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/Richard Hendricks/Tom M./Mike Wrathell

"Ganymede 4" features Ganymede, a moon named after one of Jupiter's favorite moons, if you ever look into Greek and Roman mythology. The lower right image has the original color supplied by NASA and their associates. Tom M. helped me make it. Thanks, Tom!