The following images are of Europa, one of the most beautiful moons of Jupiter, and of The Solar System itself. I also include one of the volcanic moon Io, with the cloudy bands of Jupiter behind her. I hope you apprecicate this space art. Some of the images have been messed with artistically by me, some I left alone, to retain their natural beauty. Enjoy, and I hope they add to your life as all great art should.

Europa Splot is the last image made in the series so far. It is a beautiful splot, is it not? You don't see splots like that every day! It was b + w from NASA. Whadda ya tink? Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

By the way, I apparently was thinking of the word "splotch", but I like the word splot, and splotty is in The Oxford English Dictionary, so I stand behind my neologismistic word. And, think how happy some kid will be if he gets marked down for using the word splot someday and does a google search for it and finds "Europa Splot." Just like there is grey and gray. Are they the same color, or are they slightly different? That is how I think of a splot. I think it has distinctly different conotations. Splot is more immediate, because you do not have to do the dumb "ch" sound to make it a word. Much like if someone accidentallly exploded a packet of Taco Bell taco sause on your face, which happened to me once. I made the culprit wipe the splots of sause off my face, of course.