The First Ultra-Renaissance Manifesto

        Everywhere Man is beset by Alphaboation. This grotesque behavior, or lack of behavior, if you will, must be eliminated if Man is to become that which he can be. Alphaboation is an unconscious, or less often, a conscious way of treating people like dogs. More precisely, it is to oppress others, thus suppressing oneself, as an unarticulated revenge for throwing one's life away. Acute awareness of this problem is a mandatory step in curing the world's shortcomings.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

"For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern."

For William Blake and for The Ultra-Renaissance, the Infinite is worth experiencing, to say the least. Those who throw their lives away do so out of fear, self-compromise, and out of a sort of blindness directly linked to this fear of the Infinite. One of the main goals of The Ultra-Renaissance is to eliminate fear of the Infinite, and the Alphaboationistic behavior that goes with it.

Alphaboation is a new word with great importance. With key words missing from Man's tongue, constructive thought is at best potluck. Happenstance. The introduction of a few new words, or neologisms, will enable us to make the devastating symptoms of Big Brother's Reign subjects of conversation and direct opposition.

There is a difference between Alphaboation and Oppression. Oppression does not have so much horror and oblivion in its definition. Introducing a more powerful word whose meaning will be made clear in this manifesto increases the possibility that, with heightened communication and understanding, positive change will be impossible to be eluded by the rhetoric of Alphaboationists.

Over the centuries, it seems that Man has often used his intelligence to defeat the purpose of having intelligence. Language is often more destructive than constructive. The Ultra-Renaissance, with its uncompromising attitude, perhaps can convince a few thinking men and women to join the Movement. So many contemporary books altogether ignore Big Brother's Absolute Rule of Earth. Perhaps these writers like to pretend that everything is peaches and cream. Perhaps they want to leave it up to the next sucker.

By their nature, representative governments Alphaboat their citizens.

True anarchy is the absence of Alphaboation.

Alphaboationists are spiritually poor. The word Alphaboation should be capitalized by those who wish to eliminate it. Inert protest is of the past.

Subjectivity and Objectivity are One; their separation is a fatal mistake. Preserve individuality. If you want to rescue the world, you must start at the Top. If you start at the bottom, you might never reach the Top. Big Brother may also be called the Top.

Recognition is a superficial reward.

The Ultra-Renaissance loves this line from Arthur Rimbaud: "We know how to give our whole life everyday." But as things stand, what with World War III, preliminary wars, propaganda-spewing Mass Media, economic slavery, inert concern, starvation, atomic bombs, exploitation in general, ignorance and spirtual poverty intentionally created in public and private schools, et cetera, it is pretty hard to be a life-shining poet all the time. Alphaboationists have created all of those problems and more. All anti-Alphaboationists must make themselves known, and actually work on eliminating these arthritic after-effects of centuries of Alphaboation. I must here note that to be an anti-Alphaboationist is not necessarily to be anti-"those people," it is to pity them for being victims of Alphaboation. There is no shame in loving everyone, but one must protect oneself from those who would hurt you and those in your inner circle. Still, one can love everyone. I know it is hard, sometimes, but it keeps you from spoiling from the inside like a rotten peach.

Ultra-Renaissance Art, or if not Art, whatever you want to call the music, writings, paintings, comics, (not Alphaboationist Art, mind you) strives to have people see the essence of others and of themselves, and to become Ultra-Renaissance Rimbaud-Devas, not forgetting of course, the Absolute Need to eliminate Big Brother and Alphaboation.

Political Movements are too suspicious, and themselves Alphaboationistic. The Ultra- Renaissance, if fully achieved, will be all-encompassing and reforrm political thinking in its wake. Never in history has an Art Movement sought for so much. But do not consider The Ultra-Renaissance merely an Art Movement. As James Douglass Morrison said: "We want the world, and we want it NOW!" Morrison may someday be labled "Early Ultra-Renaissance," and his line is more politically profound than any of our congressmen's/congresswomen's babble.

Those who are not of Genius are probably Alphaboationists. Children unlearn their natural Genius and learn Alphaboation so that they will not want anything more from life than to be a cog, a piece of a horrible jigsaw puzzle--Big Brother himself, namely Modern Society, the land of Alphaboation. Only Genius can keep people human. Necessity is indeed The Mother of Invention.

This movement will make all distinctions far more obvious. Already there is Art waiting to be discovered, waiting to tear fatalism out by the roots, waiting to make people beautiful. Ultra-Renaissance Art may not always be gentle, but neither is the Alphaboationist point of view.

The Ultra-Renaissance may be a puny effort against vast forces, but Hope is on our side. Inspiration and Revelation are Hope. Rimbaud-Devas of The Ultra-Renaissance want the Christmas Spirit to be everyday, even though God is just a bureaucratic myth. God and Heaven are Big Brother's compensation for destroying our potential and making us dogs. But spirituality does exist, and please, believe in Odin, or Zeus, or God, or Allah, et cetera, as you will...

But Man is superior to Big Brother. Alphaboation is the only thing that blinds us from this knowledge.

Do not fear The Ultra-Renaissance. We love you. We are on your side. You can be us with a little effort, by being yourself without hypocrisy or constraint. United we can crush Alphaboation and Big Brother, divided we bow down to Television and The Wall of Apathy. There is nothing to fear but Genocide itself.

Television and all Mass Media are a denial of Objective-Subjective Reality. Do not trust spoon-fed "News." Do you lick the hand that strangles your potential?

The Ultra-Renaissance attempts to be as infinite as Man. But Man (that means you!) is by nature more infinite than any of our creations. We are all infinite until we die.

Hegel has a phrase similar to the word Alphaboation: the Terror of Absolute Freedom. Alphaboation hides this Terror most of the time, and what with vomit culture (Teevy, other Mass Media, War, Degradation of Women, The Shame of Sexual Desires masked by Lust, Money's superiority over Love, et cetera) many of Big Brother's citizens refuse to bring to the surface the universal intuitive fact that we all have Absolute Freedom. Of course, if one uses it, one may starve.

Man must remember to Think. It is a Long Road. Perhaps the United Nations and all the Supreme Courts worldwide can overcome their Alphaboation and give us the hand we need for a Quick Miracle.

The laughter of a child or a genius is Ultra-Renaissance, whether it occurs in 500 B. C., 1981 A. D., or whenever. We can all be of Genius once no one uses Alphaboation. But don't take this word lightly. Until Big Brother is eliminated Alphaboation will most certainly exist. Go! We will light the path through The Ultra-Renaissance to the era of Big Brother's Death, The Golden Age of Man: The Post-Ultra-Renaissance, in which Hope will be old-fashioned.

Rick da Vinci
Ann Arbor, Michigan----1981 A. D.

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