Can & Am Man, Twice

The following image was conceived in August 2001, whilst on a "Bush Check" vacation where I spent a large portion of my $300.00 tax rebate in Canada, namely, wondrous Victoria, B. C. It was whilst walking about the town I espied the fact that the Canadian Walking Man seems to have a more sure stride to his gait, and was inspired to take a photo of Dudley Stride-Sure for use in what came to be known as "Can & Am Man, Twice" when I finished it tonight, October 25th, 2001. It is a new world now, with a "new normalcy" as Vice President Cheney sagely put it, and I am doubly sad now that the American Walking Man seems to be hunched over and sickly of gait. Maybe it is just the ones in Portland, Oregon, but c'mon! Let's take a lesson from our Canadian neighbors and improve the design of our walkin' dudes. Art can play a role in rebirth or in atrophy. I prefer the former.