Autumn 2008 Mike Art

Peliocles is the name of the rightful ruler of Rhodes in Sergio Leone's directorial debut: The Colossus of Rhodes. Sergio went on to direct Clint Eastwood in three Spaghetti Westerns. I just saw A Fistful of Dollars and it was cool when Clint said, "Bravo." Classic stuff. I hope someday my "Peliocles" will be regarded as a classic work of art of the 21st Century.

Penthesileia was the Queen of the Amazons, killed by Achilles at Troy. She went down as a hero, Zeus bless her!

Congratulations to Eric Smith for beating me in our duel for prosecutor on 11.4.8. I hope he will forgive the anger in "Planet Eris," but the truth is a lot of my signs disappeared, and Chad Selweski of The Macomb Daily had the nerve to say I was not a "respectable" candidate for prosecutor, and singled out my Plutonian drawings to call my candidacy a "joke." Chad, if you do not respect me, the feeling is mutual until you apologize, as I have requested. Grow up, Chad. You are not above apologizing because you have a column.

If you can only see one more movie before you die, there is only one to see: Alphaville. That is, if you've never seen it; or even if it's been in a while in my book, but if you've seen it, okay. But, really, if you've never seen it and can read subtitles, it is simply the best. Profound and French, what more do you want? I mean, let's give the French a break, okay? Yes, one can argue that they aren't the warriors that they were in 632 A. D., 100 years after Muhammad died, when they defeated the Moors at The Battle of Tours, but they are in Afghanistan now helping out, and even if they weren't, The Battle of Tours was that important that that one military victory might have kept the future dream of America alive. Had the Moors beat Charles Martel's Franks in France, Westerndom might have been nipped in the bud. And, they helped us against the English in The Revolutionary War, so let's get real. Have a french fry and shut your face about all the yellow-bellied frog stuff! Oh, and I have some Chenault blood in me, sort of the kind that was in the leader of the Flying Tigers during WW2. Clair Chennault has an extra "n" in his surname, but I bet he has that French Hugenot stock, too, and maybe even from the same stem.

Lemmy Caution is the hero in "Alphaville." What a line, huh? It is a response to Alpha 60, the superrobot that is interrogating him before pronouncing a death sentence on our hero; Lemmy has nerves of le steele.

Enjoy the real photo of Pluto and Charon by NASA. I tweaked it and got Pluto to soldify into a sort of steel soccer ball. Thank you, thank you very much....*s*

"Lovehead" is in a new group art show about Love at Studio Gonzo!! in Roseville, Michigan with two other works by me. Hope you can make it over there! The Gallery is open from noon to 5pm from now until Christmas, and by appt.

"Wild 2 Comet, A Hunk of Burning KBO!" is an animated gif I made with a lot of help from Tom. The Wild 2 comet is a Kuiper Belt object, or KBO, many scientists think. Pluto is the largest object in the Kuiper Belt, in the outer reaches of our Solar System. Hope you find my tweakilization a visual sensation! The Wild 2 comet photo came from NASA's Stardust mission. Nice job, Stardust team!

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