Plutonians & Pluto Art VI

"Pluto Rules!" is my first art work using a photo of Pluto. It is pretty early on in my use of digital means to produce art. Looking forward to high res photo of Pluto at flyby for possible use in making art, as you might imagine.

"Pluto Night Fever" and "Pluto Night Fever 2" use an image of Pluto (and Pluto filling in for Charon), courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Southwest Research Institute. Eliot Young of the Southwest Research Institute composed the map/disco-ball of Pluto using data from NASA's Hubble Telescope, I believe. Rock on!

I am claiming fair use for the image of Mr. John Travola. Hey, John, loved you in "Battlefield Earth;" you were great! Pooklont is my alter ego cartoon character who stars in "Pluto Night Fever 2." He tried, but I think John does a more powerful job. Still, I love Pooklont very much. He is in a lot of comics I have done, some of which are on this here art site of mine. He is very Ultra-Renaissance.