Fall 2013 Mike Art

"Freedom Fry Abstract" is my first artwork of the season. More to come, God-willing.......

"Plutonian CatMan" is the first artwork I've drawn since my 5-year old boy-cat Radar had to have surgery to remove grass he had gobbled when I took him on a supervised outing to the backyard. It blocked him up good. I thought he was just chewing on it like a baseball player chews on tobacco. The vet had to surgerically remove a big wad of it 2" or 3" inches past his stomach. Poor kitty. He seems to be doing a lot better now. He is eating again and all.

"Pluto 2013, Purple" was drawn with my finger on my Nokia Lumia 920 using the Fresh Paint program. I will post more finger drawings soon.....I like the spontaneity that comes with a new way to make art, be it a new digital program or a new type of paper, etc. Be open to all art in all of its mediums or you are allowing yourself to be little dead inside your soul.

"Plutonian Camper" is a fun one with all five moons seemingly between the fingers or above the hand of a Plutonian who is camping at a Global Park on Pluto. You can't see his tent, or yurt, but just imagine he has one, lol.

"Renfro" has the eyes of a planetary nebula within the constellation Cassiopeia for its eyes. Astronomers dubbed it IC 289. Renfro's left eyes the true raw color image. Isn't Renfro cool?

I end with a selfie I took in Windsor, Ontario smoking a nice Cuban cigar. I went there to get a copy of Douglas Coupland's new novel. "Worst. Person. Ever." It is damn good. For a Canadian......lol.....

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