Winter 2010-11 Mike Art

"Plutonian Senator" is my first digital drawing of the new season, started oddly, with a lunar eclipse....Enjoy!

"Sector A" is an abstract using colors that cats can see, thus there is no red, orange or brown.

"Sector B" is an abstract dedicated to my buddy, Scotty, who passed away on February 11, 2011. He was once a stray, feral, abandoned cat in Oregon, who I took in after feeding him a can of tuna and weeks of him slowly worming his way into my heart to the point where, eventually, I took him back to Michigan. He helped me raise Radar from a kitten and we both miss him a lot.

"Edgar" is a portrait of Edgar Livingood of the great alt rock band Jucifer.

"Pluto On Pluto" might get The Walt Disney Company's goat, so, I was thinking, I am more than willing to offer a Solomonesque solution to avoid a messy trial, since I am a lawyer, too, and if they think they can intimidate this American artist, they have another thing coming. So, just thaw out Walt Disney, and ask him if it is okay for me to use his Pluto that he created in 1930 after being inspired by Clyde Tombaugh's discovery of Pluto earlier that year. If he says no way, Jose. I will take it down, and they can stick him back in deep freeze. See? I think that is a most reasonable proposal, don't you?

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