Maureen O'Sullivan: A Pre-Hayes Commision Beautiful Woman

Before nudity in American cinema was banned and eroticized in a weird, perverse way in Budweiser commericals, Maureen O'Sullivan's underwater dance in "Tarzan & His Mate" joined the ranks of the Mona Lisa and Ruben's heifers as the apex of feminine mystery and awe. I colorized these screen captures and hope my presentation of Maureen and Johnny and Cheetah bates your breath!

I have been corrected. Josephine McKim, an Olympic gold medalist swimmer in the 1932 Olympics in L. A. did the nude scenes. Still, Maureen was pretty hot, too! Josephine won a Bronze in 1928 in Amsterdam, too! What a woman! Wow!

The year was 1934. I will ask for permission to use these when I am a big enough artist in The Art World to merit an Astounding Yes, and not a Peon No, so you MGM corportate lawyers don't start chewing your cashews just yet....

Maureen 1

Maureen 2

Maureen 3

Maureen 4

Maureen 5

Maureen 6

Maureen 7

Maureen 8

Maureen 9

Maureen 10

Maureen O'Sullivan 2: A Pre-Hayes Commision Beautiful Woman

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