Winter 2013-2014 Mike Art

"Mister Chandra" is sort of like a snowman, but instead of snow, I used a remnant of a supernova for a head, and planetary nebulas for eyes and a bow tie.

When I first learned of Pluto in kindergarten, I daydreamed of being the King of Pluto. I added a giant pop-making plant to my planet, being a big fan of soda pop. I called the pop "Icy Poppi." If I ever make my millions, I'd like to start up such a company. I am so annoyed that Faygo and Town Club, the two local pop companies here in Metro Detroit use high fructose corn syrup, just like Coke and Pepsi. I want my soda pop to be all-natural. And not nasty municipal water, either. Icy Poppi Plutonian Pop might cost a few more pennies, but I will keep the costs down by not needing a large profit margin. Just enough to pay my workers a living wage and to have decent benefits. No one should have to ingest HFCS when they want some sodie pop. We call it pop here in Michigan, ya know.

I drew this Christmas Tree with my finger on my Smart Phone, using the Fresh Paint app. It worked out good, I think. Enjoy it, if you can.

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