Summer 2014 Mike Art

Enceladus is a moon of Saturn with geysers at its one pole. I made "Enceladus 4" a few years ago, so had to name this new one "Enceladus 44."

"Michigan Love" is my first abstract of the summer. I try to do at least one per season. It is also a companion work to a song I would like to record with other Michigan artists someday. I am going to write Eminem and ask him to participate in the project. It is worth a stamp.

"Lismore Crater, Mars" is a real life mural from a NASA photo of said Martian crater. More Summer 2014 art to come!

While New Horizons zooms towards Pluto, I decided to make some art with images from Mars to keep my space art skills fresh. Thus this page is a mix of Mars art (compliments of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and other NASA gizmos), Plutonians, one work using an image of Pluto and Charon taken by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft ("Mahagony Pluto"), abstracts, and even one political satire starring the arrogant head of the IRS whose Cheshire Cat smile before Congress when being questioned about Lois Lerner inspired my first political satire of the Obama Era. Hope you like it. I used my mom's cat Ember as the template, lol.

It has been a wild summer that even included a wild road trip that included a night at the wonderful Breezewood Motel. If I was on my way to the Gates of Hell with President Biden to hunt down ISIS, I imagine we might stop for the night there. It's halfway between Pittsburgh and Philly next to the McDonald's. Isn't everything?

Lastly, here is the link to me doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Pluto Version!

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Pluto Version

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