Spring 2016 Mike Art

Spring has sprung. The sparrows are happy. The robins are eating worms. Cats are chasing mice. Dogs are being dogs. Check out my latest art.

"Banquo's Ghost" was inspired by both reading Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and seeing Giuseppe Verdi's opera of the same name. I will provide a link to my review of the opera soon on this page.

"Mars 2016" is an animated gif from a good full-on shot of Mars by NASA, I think, anyway. If I stand corrected, I will correct myself here. A friend of mine challenged me to make animated gifs of all the nine classic planets. I accept. I have done Mars and Pluto so far.

"Plutonian Fish" is a Rorschach test sort of artwork. The surface of Pluto is the exam sheet. Do you see the fish? Thank you, NASA, Southwest Research Institute, and Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab for the great images from the New Horizons spacecraft as it flew past Pluto last July! Amazingly planetary splendors! Pass the Plutonian tartar sauce, please!!!!!!!

Mars 2016

Monday Girl

Yellow Purple 1 (Yeah lol)

Love Is The Highest Consciousness

A Break In The Clouds

Purple-Haired Crackeress

The Last of the Potato Farmers


Say It Isn't So

Undertunnel Man

No-Games Love

The Dawn of the Afterglow

Capac Dream Catcher

May Love

Yorkshire Trap Queen

Banquo's Ghost

Plutonian Fish

Gotta Love That Love!

Mother's Day Abstract


Spring 2015 Mike Art

Nail'Bama vs. McNuke--You Decide!!!!

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