Spring 2007 Art

Spring has finally come to North America & Europe & Mongolia & China & The Koreas & Japan, and thus I am making a fresh page on which to post my latest artworks. I hope you appreciate the inspiration behind the childish Muse that schools me.

The Pleiades are a star cluster that are to the upper right of Orion a ways. Homer and Hesiod mentioned them. Atlas and Elektra are two of the stars. It's all Greek to me. In Japan the cluster is called Subaru. In my utter ignorance, I had deemed it "The Littlest Dipper" but I kind of like it. I have never been able to spot The Little Dipper, even with the guidance of seasoned astronomers with laser wands, but I think The Pleiades must be cooler, anyway.....I will put the copyrights on it and try to get permission and all. It was taken by David Malin who gave me permission to use his astro-photo of The Crab Nebula a long time ago for my work called "Crabby."

Thanks to Tom Marchione who helped me achieve this artwork. The lower blue image is David Malin's original photo, untweaked.

I just saw Michael York in "Camelot" at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, which inspired me to rewatch "Logan's Run" and I thought that this still from that movie should be made into art. I hope you enjoy it and don't worry, I will deal with the dogs when they come barking...