Nail'Bama vs. McNuke--You Decide!!!!

Nail'Bama or McNuke: which do you like better? I mean, as a work of art.... Or whatever. I decided to put both lampoons on the same page so no one can accuse me of crass partisanship. There is nothing worse than someone who knows nothing about me accusing me of not being a serious artist. So let them stand next to each other and do battle in your mind, not mine. I created them but now they are in your head, too. Ha!

Happy Halloween! You can vote for Nail'Bama or McNuKe in my guestbook and I will count votes dated to the last moment of Election Day 2008. Results once I count them up, or someone else beats me to it! I vote for McNuKe!

"McNuke" and "Nail'Bama" were created by me, Mike Wrathell, with significant help from PhotoShop guru Tom M., including creative input! Just call us the John and Paul of digital art! Give me an "0"! "0!" Give me a "1"! "1!" What does it spell? "Oh, one!"

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