Spring 2014 Mike Art

"Biden Being" is a sentient being inspired by my Muse from the potential dwarf planet 2012 VP113, nicknamed "Biden" by co-discoverers Chad Trujillo and Scott Sheppard. Good one, guys! Nice job! The Plutonian System is in the background.

I am including some pics of Ember, a cat who is visiting for a while. There is one where he and my cat, Radar, are still assessing each other. They get along a lot better now. It took a while for Radar to accept Ember. More art will be added all spring, of course -- and perhaps some more cats pics and selfies, too!

"Martian Southern Swirls" is some space art I made using a close-up shot of Mars taken by a camera onboard NASA's Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. I tweaked the raw color image. You can see the original image here:

  • Dry Ice Pits on Mars
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