Chicago Trip, January 2015

"Aphrodite of Constantinople" is a beautiful Byzantine Era sculpted head of the Greek Goddess of Love. Unfortunately, some religious extremist carved a cross into her forehead and bore out her eyes. Disgusting pig. I hope that person is not in Heaven.

After hitting the Art Institute, I cabbed it to Shedd Aquarium and saw the nasty invasive Asian Carp, and a lot of other fishies.....enjoy the pics, might add some video I shot, too!!!!

Stay tuned for more from my trip to the Windy City!

Aphrodite of Constantinople


Asian Carp of the Midwest

Asian Carp, Closer Up


Sukiyaki @ Sunshine Cafe, Chicago

Chicago Turtle @ Shedd Aquarium

A cute turtle at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, circa January 2015.

Weird, Eerie Transparent Fish -- Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

A weird, eerie, yet cool, pale cream-colored fish at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, circa January 2015.

Giant Arapaima Fish from the Amazon River Turned Cubs Fan -- Shedd Aquarium´╗┐

This is the largest type of fish in the Amazon River.

A school of neon tetras at Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Pretty cool school!

Asian Carp @ Shedd Aquarium, Chicago -- January 2015

A large, nasty invasive species related to the minnow that threatens the Great Lakes!

Funny Shrimp Thingie @ Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

A cute, blue-armed, blue-legged shrimpie!

Cute Fish @ Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

A super-cute fish at Shedd.

Pretty Orange Tailed Fishies @ Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Some pretty orange-tailed fish at Shedd.

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