The Silent Power Tribute Page

Every once in a while, utter greatness appears in the world. It could be a painting like "The Mona Lisa," it could be a love like the great love Catullus had for Lesbia, the plays of Sophocles, or the awesome hockey moves of Wayne Gretzky, or the poems of Rimbaud, or the running of the great horse Secretariat. I have been blessed to know the great greyhound of Oregon: Silent Power. He now has 101 career victories. The first picture you will see as you scroll down is from the homestretch of one of his victories from the summer of 2002. He holds the all-time fastest time in Oregon for a greyhound running 550 yards. He and I have had eye contact many a time before his races, and it freezes my soul everytime. I have been blessed to have experienced his greatness; I hope these pictures I took convey something of his greatness to you.

Silent Power is retired now, and a daddy many times over. He was adopted by a family that loves him very much.