New Space Art

The following images are courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech, David Malin for "Crabby" (express permission granted), and The Southwest Research Institute. Eliot Young of the Southwest Research Institute composed the map/disco-ball of Pluto using data from NASA's Hubble Telescope, I believe.

More space art is available on Mike's Old Geocities Page which can be gotten also by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Copyright 2001 by Mike Wrathell of all Space Images in their "Altered by Art" State of Being. I do not claim a copyright for the images, themselves, of course, but I think I can claim one to the art itself, and I passed the Bar in Michigan first time around. So there!

Please note, however, that the picture of Saturn, taken by Voyager 1 in 1980 was produced by 2002 Calvin J. Hamilton. Good job, Mr. Hamilton! I have emailed him for permission to have artistic rights to it, offering him 50% of any commericial transaction.

I still have to write the Subaru Telescope people about "4 Uranus" and am composing a letter to John Travolta about his usage, but he made that sci-fi flick "Battlefield Earth" that I saw at the show, so I think he will like "Pluto Night Fever." (You do, don't you, John? I think you really make it look cool, brough-ham!) The second version stars Pooklont, my cartoon alter ego, doing his best John Travolta pose.

I just put "Crabby" on this page, although it also appears on my old Geocities page that there is a link to, but this is to show you that there are some good works of art on that page, and it is not a waste of your time to check it out. "Crabby" is a Warholesque homage to the incredibly beautiful Crab Nebula, photo by David Malin. I hope you are transformed by viewing it, and remember, you can order a print of it, even one that is exclusive, half of the profits will go to Mr. Malin, too, if I can find him on the net again.

Lastly, my thanks go out to my buddy Tom M. who made the disco floor and is such an invaluable help for most all of my digital works of art! Tom, you and Pluto rule!

"Wherefrom do all these worlds come? They come from space. All beings arise from space, and into space they return: space is indeed their beginning, and space is their final end." -----from the Chandogya Upanishad (an ancient Hindu religious document)