The Rudy Buddy Tribute Page

Rudy was Tom M.'s loyal best friend, a border collie of genius-level intelligence who could herd any sort of animate or inanimate object, bake chocolate chip cookies, do your taxes, and write religious edicts. "Rudy Buddy," as Tom liked to call him, had more expressions than The Mona Lisa! R. I. P, Rudy!

Photos by Tom M. & Mike Wrathell.

Making guest appearances on Rudy's page, Scotty, my Oregon cat, and Big Boy & I. Photo of me & Big Boy by Malcolm B. Campbell, Esq.

Also, Brough-ham makes his debut on cyber-space here! With two shangs thereof by Tom M.! Yeah! Yeah!

My cat, Scotty, flew in for a special guest appearance....

Rudy Looking Up @ Tom

Rudy's Ears @ Full Amp

Rudy Waiting for Godot

Rudy Looking @ Me

A Bout of Blue Overtakes The Roo

Rudy, Happy Again! Yeah!

The Fabulous Rudy Roo!

Rudy Buddy

{ 1994 (approx) to July 23, 2008, R. I. P. }

"Towel Kitty"

Ska Tay's Airplane Wing Ears

"Big Mike"


Brough-ham 2 (a Shang by Tom)

Brough-ham 3 (a Shang by Tom)

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