Winter 2007-2008 Mike Art

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 is great for all of us. "Winter Cat" is my first drawing this winter. Meow Power!

I just drew this portrait of Juvenal tonight, the day Shaq went to Phoenix, a day to remember forever. And what a snowstorm, too, you should have seen the way my car turned into a tobaggan on the way home! Such fun! I almost became a modern-day Van Gogh!

By the way, Juvenal was a great Roman satirist whose 16 surviving satires are really cool. I am reading the Penguin translation by Peter Green right now. I am on number 14, aka XIV. The Roman column I drew has 16 on it.

Professor Peter Green who translated Juvenal's "Sixteen Satires" for Penguin Classics said of my drawing of Juvenal, "Well, even if that wasn't what he looked like, it should have been!" Pretty cool, huh? Thanks, Professor Green!

"Plontonimus, Plasticized" is an homage to the piece of Polypropylene now in my body as a result of a hernia operation performed by Dr. Smith. "The pain, the pain....." The symbol over Plontonimus's belly button is the symbol for Polypropylene, according to Wikipedia.

"Mercury 2008" is an image from NASA's Messenger probe. The left sliver is true with color saturated a bit. The right sliver is the mirror image, looks cool, so I went with Tom's idea, nice job, Tom! Tom M. is my buddy and PhotoShop guru who helps me with a lot of my digital art.