Aqua Teen Hunger Force Homage Page

This page has a few purposes. The photo of Dave Willis & Matt Maiellaro composing "The Cloning" episode with the Colossus of Rhodes in the harbor through the doorwall shows that ATHF is in keeping with the stream of Westerndom and serves to hopefully inspire Dave & Matt to keep on keeping on and also to show the beauty of the Colossus of Rhodes, itself. The drawing of the said statue is by M. Larrinaga, whose copyright and name are duly included, and I hope the artist does not mind. I also hope Cartoon Network, Dave Willis, and Matt Maiellaro are cool with it, too, of course.

The image of Oglethorpe and the "Don't Mess With Pluto" is a tee shirt idea I had that I hope Cartoon Network, Dave and Matt and all other ATHF crew embrace. Pluto's insult by the IAU should not go unanswered. Hopefully, its full planetary status will quickly be reinstated. I met President Bush in July 2002 and asked him to support the New Horizons mission to Pluto and witnessed the successful launch on January 19, 2006 from Florida.

I hope Cartoon Network will authorize tee shirt printings of this or a similar design. There are many people who love Pluto, including Bjork who wrote a song called "Pluto."