Summer 2008 Mike Art


Another summer has come, one, though, of scary trends, four dollar a gallon gas, and a new President soon to see if there is hope to turn things around, or lead us into the bleakness....

For those who worship the ground that Barack Obama stands on, I hope you will forgive my lampoon of him, but he surely deserves it for not distancing himself from Bill Ayers. So deal with it, or not.... Nail'Bama is the reality he has created. His inability to realize you should distance yourself from terrorists, albeit of the homegrown, unrepentant, might-even-think-he-is-some-sort-of-hippy variety, has turned him into Nail'Bama!

There is only one way to go back to the innocence of Mr. Hyde for Nail'Bama: give the blood money that Ayers gave him in a past campaign to a charity devoted to victims of landmines or bombs of some sort. Otherwise, my lampoon is most fair. So there!

Until Ayers apologizes for his involvement with The Weather Underground, who made their name with their nail bombs, any money he gives to politicians is blood money. In the documentary "The Weather Underground," Ayers says the bombing of American targets was "error." If you think that suffices for an apology, you have never read Plato!

He also owes every American an apology for posing smugly for "Chicago" magazine as he tramples on the American flag. You sure pick some great buddies, Barack!

For those of you, sick of politics, Mr. Braidington is, too!

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