Pooklont Comics

I created my cartoon alter ego, Pooklont, in 1979 or so. He is sort of an Id-type guy. I will also include here any other comics I happen to scan from my stash. Enjoy.

The first comic has Pooklont, my comic character alter ego. He is full of universal metatonik energy that too many of us suppress. This is sort of an introductory comic, but done decades after his birth for the benefit of the uninitiated.

"Pooklont's Wild Kingdom" stars my cat, Scotty, and my dad's and my late yellow lab, Misty, before she went up to Doggy Heaven to be with my dad. She is elsewhere on this site, as well, as is Scotty, who is with me right now.

The comic about Mangu Khan makes more sense if you read my short story about him in The Northern Bee Literary Journal, and/or read Harold Lamb's "March of the Barbarians." I recommend both.