Summer 2015 Mike Art

Happy Summer, everyone! This is the Summer of Pluto! Ataecina Alphonzo is from what is commonly known as Haumea, the next planet after Pluto! Ataecina is Haumea's alternate name and is more cool to use than Haumea! Trust me! Then comes Makemake, and, lastly, Eris! Other solar systems objects further out than Eris have yet to be confirmed as having hydrostatic equilibrium, an essential requirement for planethood, unlike "clearing one's path" which is an absurd and unessential requirement that will one day be dropped from the definition.

Hydra is one of Pluto's five moons, the furthest one out from Pluto, orbit-wise. And, as you can see, it sort of is shaped like a llama!

Bastille Day Pluto

Pluto In Purple!

Event Horizon Plutonian


Closest Approach Plutonian

Post Fly-By Plutonianess

Plutonian Punk Rock Star

Ataecina Alphonzo

Summer Soufflé

Intergalactic Man Visits Earth

Hydra as a Llama

Spring 2015 Mike Art

Nail'Bama vs. McNuke--You Decide!!!!

War Art from Operation Iraqi Freedom

President George D.P.W. Bush

Summer 2008 Mike Art

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