Mike's Looseleaf Paper Art

Back in the late summer of 1980, I first started becoming a serious artist, painting, Heaven forbid, watercolors on looseleaf paper in Arleta, California, which is part of L. A., in the San Fernando Valley. I found the medium to be supremely liberating and even after trying out standard "arteest" watercolor paper, I prefer looseleaf paper for many reasons. I might also add that art on looseleaf paper has graced the walls of MOMA in NYC. It sucks that I have to defend my art, but such is life in 2003. (Gee, now it is 2013!) If I was the son of some Hollywood movie star, things might be different for me. Oh well. I am inspired when I paint.

If inspired work is passe' to you, it's your problem, not mine. I lived in L. A. for ten months, by the way, taking a year off after my freshman year at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The Melting Flag

Space Alien Hits Cleveland!


Only The Love Is There


"West Village Gothic"

Pink Telephone Message Pad Paper Art

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