Historical Personages

This page has historical personages, viz., famous folks from the present and the past, whose contributions will be remembered into the future, a future with some pitfalls, but ultimately, a future of achieved dreams and Whoppers with Heavy Tomatoes, Heavy Onions, and no pickles, I hope....

First up is President Bush, who got some egg on his face from the Enron scandal, you might say, or that he was branded....Ken Lay and company should be forced to disgorge their ill-gotten bonuses and help out the stockholders who lost their life savings!

My latest is a satire with who might be our first female president.

Next up is former Attorney General John Ashcroft, who let his religious fervor interfere with his protection of free speech. Shame on him!

After "Ashy," is the current king of Belgium, and a few other fellows you might know. Misty is my dog, sorry.......*s*

Many thanks to Tom M., whose invaluable help making "Ashy" is deeply appreciated. He works a computer like Keith Moon worked the drums!