Spring 2009 Mike Art

"Zoppy" is my first artwork (and Plutonian) of the season.

I just did the butterfly guy last night. I wanna make "GEC" the accepted abbreviation for the Global Economic Crisis, as it is short and, while not sweet, the best abbreviation for the mess the bankers and their willing dupes in the government have put us. I have made butterfly people before on paper, but this might be my first digital foray. Hope it reaches the innermost depths of your Being.

"Mars Proctor Bird" was made from tweaking a recent photo of Proctor crater on Mars by the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. T-Mar helped out with some tweaks of his own, so it is a collaborative foray into "erotic surrealism" as the great Indy indy filmmaker Alfred Eaker put it. Enjoy! Hope you see the bird!

"Arrow-Haired Hydran" may be my first-ever drawing of someone from Hydra, one of Pluto's three moons. I need a secretary to catalog my body of work, as well as a patron, I might add. Donald, Warren, Bill, are you listening?

"MakeMake Man" is my first being from Makemake, the second largest Kuiper Belt Object. Only the planet Pluto is larger in that belt. Makemake has no known moons, but maybe someday one will be found. Pluto has three known moons, so maybe Makemake can borrow one sometime like a neighbor borrows a cup of sugar.......*s*

Makemake is named after MakeMake, "the creator of humanity and the chief god of the bird cult" on Easter Island. I like the two capital "M's," don't you? There are 3 ways to spell MakeMake, according to Wikipedia and that is where I got the quote, too. Wikipedia, you rule!

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