Anti-Homage to The Media

The following images comprise a scathing satire of the Media using Orwellian ideas and terminology from the great book "1984." I had a solo show with some of these images in July of 1999 at Portland State University's White Gallery, and art critic D. K. Row of "The Oregonian" visited it.

"Thought Police Tribunal" now proudly hangs at Bouche Bar, 540 E. 5th Street, East Village, New York City, New York, USA. (Between Avenue A & Avenue B, closer to Avenue B)

Copyright 2004, Mike Wrathell.

"Red Ted"

"Thought Police Tribunal" proudly adopted by Bouche Bar, 540 E. 5th Street, NYC, NY (bet Ave A & B)

"The Leaning Tower of Ted"

"Room 101"

"The Ministry of Truth"

"Thought Police Triptych

{ Private Collection }

"The Rookies"

"Barb Pose"


"666 Ted"

"Ministry of Truth"

"Dan & The Frequency Master"

"The Ministry of Love"

"Orange Ted (Big Brother Is Watching You!"

"The Humiliation of Ted"

"48 Ted"

"90 Teds"


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