Fall 2006 Art

I hope you will enjoy my digital drawing of Agathon the Tragedian of Athens all of whose works are now lost to the ages. We have the destruction of the great library of Alexandria and the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453 A. D. to thank for that, as well as other unknown events. Hopefully we will uncover some Agathon and some of Sophocle's 116 lost plays someday under the Aegean floor or beneath the sands of the Sahara, but until then, I hope you will comfort yourselves a bit with my Agathon. It was truly inspired, as was my drawing of Achilles that I drew while reading the Robert Fagles translation of "The Illiad."

Hope you like "Professor Who" and "November, " too!

And, what can we say about "Pickles" that has not already been said? *s*

For the sake of searchability, please allow me.......Pickles Laura Bush First Lady Juicy Green Yummy Yummy! *s*

As a kid, Pluto was ruled my me and since I have always loved pop since being a young brat in Detroit, I had to equip my planet with a pop factory. It is called Icyy Poppy, or Icyy Poppi so as not to confuse it was a cold day in Balkh, Afghanistan. Care for a grape pop? If you get me in MOMA or The Tate, you can have five on me.