Dark Side of the Moon

Apollo 8's crew were the first Earthlings to see the dark side of the Moon, and shot some footage of it as they sailed past in December 1968. I captured some stills of the footage and made this art. More to come. Enjoy. Limited Edition prints of any size available.

"First Glimpse of The Dark Side of The Moon" is the first still from the footage I saw from Apollo 8's first gander at the Dark Side.

"Moon Fish" and "Moon Chicken" are self-explanatory. The chicken face is in the middle of the image. The fish only has its left eye.

"Moon Frog" has a frog with wings in the lower right of the frame. How cool is that that there's a Rorschach test-type frog on the dark side of the Moon, huh? I did not alter any of these photos, but for color and saturation and maybe a touch of turmeric, since they say that helps fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's.

"Phoebe3" is a guest here, as she is a moon of Mars. NASA recently released a 3-D shot of her. (The far left frame.) I changed the color of the center and right frames and put on my 3-D glasses. The digital frame looks really cool with such glasses on, too. Enjoy the guest to the subpage!

Check out the Photo Credit for "The Man with The Nebula Eyes." Photo Credit for The Spirograph Nebula: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA); Acknowledgement: R. Sahai (JPL) et al.

Many thanks to NASA and their partners for use of these publicly-funded images, as per their use policy.

Thanks to MoonPans.com for Moon Pan, as well as NASA! That shot is from the Apollo 17 mission.

"Dark Side" is the first full shot of the dark side of The Moon. It was taken by the crew of Apollo 16.

Last, but not least, thanks, T'Mar!

First Glimpse of The Dark Side of The Moon

Moon Monkey


Lizordian Face

Blue Milk

Milky Moon

Jonquil Moon Penquin

Moon Pirate

Neo-Lunar Man

Moon Fish

Moon Fishies

Moon Chicken

Caribou Clown

Orange Darkness

The Man on The Dark Side of the Moon

Purple Playtime

Teal Wizard

Blue Whale

Pink Moon Unit on The Dark Side of the Moon

Moon Frog

Crater Lane

Deep Purple Crater

Three Craters of Orange

Green Wonder

Sky Triptych

Green Pinkie

Purple Earth

Dark Side

Moon Pan

Apollo 8 Raft


The Man with The Nebula Eyes

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