Autumn 2012 Mike Art

"Autumn Moorings" is my first digital drawing of the season. Moor to come!

"Pongate" is from Pluto, and on Pluto. Can you tell which moon in the background is Pluto's newly-discovered fifth moon, provisionally dubbed P5? Hint: they think it is the smallest moon....

"Husta" is a guy from Haumea, a dwarf planet roughly one third the size of Pluto, which is two thirds the size of The Moon aka Luna. Hopefully, our economy can turn around and NASA can fire off a rocket to Haumea so we can see it up close and also its two known moons, Hi'iaka and tiny Namaka, the innermost moon. We have to get tough with unfair foreign competition that sends us toxic products. Of course, you can make cheaper goods if you have no quality control and just dump your waste right in your local rivers and air, not to mention child labor.... Those pols against Protectionism are probably getting some nice checks from Chinese banks. We are becoming a Third World nation while our career politicians are becoming multi-millionaires. Meanwhile, NASA has been reduced to lighting off bottle rockets on the Fourth of July....

By the way, did you know Luna might someday be a planet? Yes, if the barycenter between Earth and Luna ever moves out beyond the surface of Earth, many planetary scientists would say Luna is a dwarf planet, much like Charon, the largest moon of Pluto. Calculations say such could happen, too. I will try to keep you apprised.

"Romeo Plank Rhapsody" was done after a long day of planting signs in Macomb County, including notably on Romeo Plank Road. I felt a bit of exhileration for getting more signs up in my campaign to unseat Eric Smith, who needs a break from holding public office. I went out today, by the way, and some of my signs were missing. Some were laying in the grass. Eric has some supporters who are not cool at all. Anyway, enjoy the "Rhapsody."

"Death by Circles" is, probably, my last abstract of the season, as, at 6:11am on December 21st, the planets, including Pluto, I am assuming, will line up and bode the utter destruction of Mankind, consigning us all to Oblivion. If we survive, I will start a new subpage for Winter 2012-2013. If our doom is sealed by the Mayans, or by a couple of New Age books in the 1970s, well, goodbye. Remember one thing that I have learned in my time here on Earth. Love is the highest consciousness. That is all, for now, or forever.

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