While I am a serious modern artist, the money just has not been there for me. I have sold a few works, one of which might still be hanging at Bouche Bar in the East Village on 5th Street & Avenue B. Ask for Pat. I have been exhibited in Portland, OR, Indianapolis, Chicago, Brooklyn, & Michigan.

Maybe I am a bit too unconventional, using non-archival and digital materials for my art and not having gone to art school. Some people are also irate with me for having the audacity to create an art movement, if you can believe it. I do not believe that creativity can be taught. I do believe, however, that it can be untaught, and I am happy with my Muse.

I was thinking of going for an MFA in Creative Writing when one day I decided I'd rather go to law school. I have always thought it would be cool to run for office and kick out some typical politician who is at the beck and call of special interest groups and his own party's brass. I never wanted to hang up a shingle and have all my time and energy sucked out of me. I like the life of an artist and writer and like to read the classics.

I also need money to make the proper arrangements with the holders of copyrights on images that I have needed to use for some of my art. I think they will be much more amenable if I am not brokey-broke.

I would, however, like to use my membership in The State Bar of Michigan to make some money to support my life as an artist and will donate 40% of any referral fees I obtain (after taxes) as a result of you referring a case/s to me to a charity/non-profit group of your choice, and submit documentation to you of such.

I got a B+ in Professional Responsibility in law school, so I am pretty sure this is perfectly legal. Only lawyers can get referral fees in America, but we are free to donate any and all monies received from such to any registered charity and/or non-profit group.

I include a few works of my art on this page so you know that I am really an artist, and invite you to go to my main page and go through the table of contents to see more art by me and my fellow Ultra-Renaissance artists. One thing I would like to do soon is get the webpage redesigned. Admittedly, it is a morass, but I think it is content-rich, and I hope you feel that that redeems it.

You can email me at, or call my celly at 586.909.4680 about referring a case, or for any questions you have about my art. There is a documentary about me and my art by sheila franklin entitled "the king of pluto" that is available on dvd. But, please, if you have a case that needs a lawyer, even if you know what lawyer you would like to use, if that case is in the United States of America, or its territories, if you let me make the initial contact with that lawyer, or let me find you a local lawyer, I would get a referral fee and that would greatly help my ability to make more art, pay my student loans, and work on larger artistic projects such as building an art gallery and/or a contemporary art museum and, like I said, help a charity and/or non-profit group of your choice.

It seems like a win-win proposition to me, and I hope to you, too. My active status as member in good standing of The State Bar of Michigan is at stake, so you can rely on me to uphold my word. I will submit proof to you that the 40% of my referral fee (after taxes) went to your designated charity/charites and/or non-profit group/s. You can split it up as you wish, too. I am easy. Of course, this is all of no cost to you. The lawyer who actually handles the case will give me the referral fee.

Thank you for considering my offer when you have a legal case in the States. Truly, Mike Wrathell, Esq. & Artist/Writer.