Autumn 2009 Mike Art

"Polar Pop" take a newly-iconic photograph of a polar bear and turns it into Warholesque art. I hope it rivets you. If polar bears start starving, by the way, I think we have a responsibility to feed them, regardless of your opinion on global warming. May I suggest terrorists, child molesters, rapists, and murderers? I can? Thanks! If you know who took this, please let me know, so I can credit them.

"Plutonian Jester" features the New Horizons probe passing between Pluto and Charon on July 14, 2015, as it is on schedule to do as we speak on the last day of November 2009.

Charon is Pluto's largest moon and near sister of a binary planetary system, but for Pluto's sheer obvious greater awesomeness. Pluto's two other moons: Nix and Hydra, are near the jester's long ears.

"Equinoctial Man," begun in Summer 2009, finished minutes later in Autumn 2009. He is a man, but he is also a Plutonian. A Plutonian man. He looks a bit effeminate, but he has a freeze ray that comes out of his fingers, so don't tell him that!

"The Ghost of Stanley McChrystal" speaks to his becoming a non-person whose opinions matter nought in some circles.

Postontonimus is a wise, middle-aged Plutonian who is a bit leary of cutting Medicare to pay for Universal Healthcare, including for Neptunians who illegally live on Pluto.....*s*

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