Electric Orchid & Other Images, February 2002

These photos were taken in Oregon and Washington in February 2002. The first four are of the band Electric Orchid live at The Satryicon on February 16, 2002. Click on "Electric Orchid Homepage" at the bottom of this page to get there, you can email Jamie from this page, however, should you desire booking information, fan information, etc. Electric Orchid plays Portland on August 23rd, 2002 at The Satryicon. Be there if you want your world rocked to High Heaven!!!!!

"Jaime Robert Johnson"

"Jaime Robert Johnson, Again"

"Jaime In Seattle"

"Jaime At Memorial"

"Kerry Groceries"

"Vic Sanchez"

"Kerry Groceries, Victoria, B. C."

"Chillin' At The Satryicon"

"Yonna & Kerry"

"Jumping Jaime"

"Jaime & Kerry Jammin'"

"Jaime Jammmmm'"

"Jaime At Work"

"The Back of Yonna's Head"

"Jaime Lookin' At Vic"

"Vic About To Hit"

"Jaime Lookin' At Vic 2"

"Jaime & His Tat"

"Vic Sanchez"

"Yonna Jammin' With Kerry's Bass"

"Jaime & Kerry"

"Kerry & Jaime"

"Vic & Kerry"

"Jaime & His Tat 2"

"Kerry, Up Close & Personal"

"Dueling Fingers"

"Big Poster, Kerry & Yonna"

"A Devilish Vic"

"Group Photo"

"Helsinki Love"

"Alaska Brew"

"Going Over Battle Plans"

"Seagulls & The Rocks"

"The King Rock at Cannon Beach, OR"

"Cedar Crossing Covered Bridge"

"Cedar Crossing Covered Bridge 2"

"Purplified Mt. St. Helens from Portland"

"Purplified Mt. St. Helens from Portland 2"

"Submarine Shop"


"Lighthouse at the Columbia-Pacific Estuary"

"The Pawn Rocks"

"Jack & Mt. Hood"

"Rainbow by Unit 6A"

"Blowing Seaside Sands"

"Ocean Spigot, Seaside, Oregon"

"Mike 02"

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