The King of Pluto

Created at the brink of 2004, the video documentary "the king of pluto" by sheila franklin offers a knowing glimpse into the body of work of Ultra-Renaissance artist Mike Wrathell, whose creative powers rival even the great cartoon character Yogi Bear, and maybe even Huckleberry Hound. As the great Dada artist Marcel Duchamp once said, "Posterity is the judge of genius."

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Taa Daa!!!! (Drum roll......)

Dorman Street Alternative Film Festival, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Berkeley Film & Video Festival--Award of Excellence--Screening in late 2004 or sometime in 2005

New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, November 21st, 2004, Village East Cinemas, New York City, New York, USA, Earth.

And donít forget: you can have your very own copy of "the king of pluto" for $25.00 (to cover costs.) Please specify DVD or VHS. Send check or money order to Mike Wrathell, P. O. Box 33, Fraser, MI 48026-0033 (authorized by sheila franklin.)

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