Spring 2011 Mike Art

"Springtime Plutonian " is my first digital drawing of the spring. Yay! Winter was nasty this year!

"Osama bin Laden--Post Mortem" arises out of the need for people to see him dead. Since BHO will not show us the dead OBL or UBL photos, I feel there is a need for me as an artist to show the image to the collective mind of Mankind. Don't you feel better now?

"USA! USA! USA!" was made before the OBL drawing. It arose from the joy and euphoria of the moment of exultation at having vengeance on our national enemy. Yes, very plebian of me, isn't it? LOL! But if you think it means I am not a great artist who has created timeless works of art, you clearly have the mental capacity of a stunted amoeba. And, to quote, Mrs. Kerry, "Shove it!"

"Mercury X" is made from a raw b + w image taken by NASA's Messenger spacecraft that is now orbiting Mercury. That "X" was formed by the ejecta of two meteroites or other unknown objects that landed on Mercury at some point at perpendicular angles. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so, too!

Raw image credit for "Mercury X" is NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington.

"Mars Polar Dunes" is from a NASA raw color photo of the south pole of Mars. It is significantly tweaked, which I do not usually do, but it looked so trippy, I decided it was art and needed to be shared.

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