Winter 2011/2012 Mike Art

When I found out Helen Frankenthaler died, my heart filled with sadness. Never was a huge fan of her work (but when I looked at her work again on Google images, I quickly become one, and allude to some of her works in this homage to her), but I guess just simple empathy for a fellow artist hit me hard. Never happened before, either. So I decided to draw her. I have been drawing on hemp paper for a few years now, but this is the first one I have posted on the Internet. Hemp products could really help the American economy. You can even make fuel from it! It was legal until 1937, and the Army grew it in Kentucky during WW2 for rope. It is high time we stopped demonizing it and this is my little gesture of defiance to DuPont and the politicians they paid off back in 1937!

"Winter Fish" is my first digital drawing of the season. It might be what a fish looks like at the bottom of one of Pluto's oceans, if Pluto has oceans, which some scientists speculate it might as it is might produce heat from its core--a thing that planets sometimes do.

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