Blue-Green Audumbla

Blue-Green Audumbla is a rock band with plenty of original songs recorded on basement tapes. If you would like to help the band record a CD, or are interested in hearing the band, contact Mike.

"Gird Up The Loins of Your Mind (for Jesus!)" is the first song the band has up on You Tube. It is also embedded on this page! Enjoy! More soon, I hope!

Audumbla, or Audhumbla, was the first first animate being according to Norse lore. A cow she was. Blue-green algae was the first life form according to some scientists, thus the color of Audumbla might have been blue-green, eh?

The songs are also available to be sung by other bands, some of them are quite good and might put you on the map. It ain't no joke!

Gird Up the Loins of Your Mind (For Jesus!)

An original song by Mike Wrathell of Blue-Green Audumbla, using past masters of the art world's art and some of Mike's art, too.
A riff of Wolfgang Mozart and four organ solos by T'Mar's cat, Lili, also bookmark the song at both the beginning
and the end of the song, or, the Alpha and Omega of the song, as it were.....

"the jellybean song"

An original song by Mike, "the jellybean song" was inspired by a late neighbor of Mike's who died in an industrial accident. Here's to you, Mr. Boutin! You know what I mean, jellybean?

"I'm Not A Piece of Shit"

Sort of self-explanatory. No background narrative necessary if you have experience with other human beings.

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