Winter Shangs 2001-2002

These shanged images and shangs were done by B. W. C. & Moi, that's French for me, I think. For instance, a shanged image would be the original that is shanged upon; but the shangor is integrally the artist of the shang as he shangs upon the original; it is the shangor's child, a new work of art, called a shang, named after Sheng Ching which you will find in "Shang Art" on the homepage. "Ultra-Renaissance Frankenstein" was the original image, e.g., and the shang of it by B. W. C. is entitled "Ultra-Renaissance Frankenstein smokin bong rips" and was done in 2002, whereas the shanged image was done in Downtown Portland in 2001. But the rest of these works were done this strange and sad winter of ground zeroes, old ladies being frisked at the airport, and love on teevy.

"Ultra-Renaissance Frankenstein rippin bong rips"

"Ultra-Renaissance Frankenstein"

"Thou Shalt Work On A Stone."

"Thou Shalt Work On A Stone II"

"Squiggle Spider 4"

"Madam blue face 2"

"Some sort of flag or something of that sort of thing"

"Yellow Alien Radiates as a High Priest"

"Yellow Alien"

"Dancing Dance III"

"Blue Waves"